about us

At Innoqore, we believe that high-quality innovation and production in the chemical industry play an essential role in global health, economic, and social development. In order to make and keep our world healthy, we as a chemical company believe we have a great responsibility in this respect.

We aim to become a reliable supplier of Specialty Molecules. From a platform of available raw materials and utilities on the Chemelot Industrial site we are developing, with the aim to implement, the best technology to produce these fine chemicals for use in specialty chemistry. We will make these products available with excellent product stewardship, which means that we will produce and transport them in a sustainable and responsible manner. From solid technology development expertise, we invent and improve the best possible technology to be implemented on the Chemelot site. With a strategy to build focused production assets, Innoqore is in it for the long run and to become a reliable supplier of your Specialty Molecules.

Specialize in inventing and improving chemical processes

What sets us apart from contract manufacturing, is that we produce and sell our own molecules based on market demand. This removes the need for development fees, or other costs which are not clear in advance, as we simply product supply as agreed.

Our focus on fine chemistry for specialty uses, also allows the right attention for smaller consumers. There is no need to consume barge, rail or truck size volume to receive tailored logistics solutions with the right documentation and safety measures.

While we specialize in inventing and improving chemical processes, our research and development is always focused on implementation. This ensures short development times by avoiding unnecessary research hours.

Innovation, sustainability, reliability and responsibility

Innoqore stands for innovation, sustainability, reliability and responsibility throughout our value chain from our technological process, through production up to on-time delivery to our future customers.

Innoqore is a strategic collaboration between its two parent companies, InnoSyn and AnQore. It brings together deep expertise from InnoSyn in invention, improvement and implementation of chemical processes, and AnQore’s excellence in operational performance, customer service, and logistics.

Read more about the reasons behind the strategic collaboration in the press release.