responsible chemistry
for fine chemicals

Innoqore has the ambition to become a reliable and responsible supplier of Specialty Molecules. From our platform of available raw materials and utilities on the Chemelot Industrial site we are developing the best technology and processes to produce fine chemicals for use in specialty chemistry. We invent and improve the best possible technology which we implement on the Chemelot site. Therefore: One core, endless possibilities. 

With a strategy to build focused production assets, Innoqore is in it for the long run. We want to become the most reliable supplier of your Specialty Molecules.

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Innoqore is a strategic collaboration between InnoSyn and AnQore. Read more about the reasons behind the strategic collaboration in the press release.

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our products

We have identified a number of Specialty Molecules, with TMOF and TEOF selected as our initial product focus areas.


Trimethyl orthoformate, Trimethoxymethane

A versatile molecule used in a variety of specialty chemical applications. TMOF finds its way in agrochemical, nutrition, flavors and fragances, pharmaceutical, and other industries. It can be used as a water scavenger, or as a component in the final molecule.


Triethyl orthoformate, Triethoxymethane

A versatile molecule used in a variety of specialty chemical applications. TEOF finds its way especially in the pharmaceutical industry, with other uses in flavors and fragances, and specific fine chemical uses. Depending on specifics of the process, TEOF or TMOF can sometimes be used interchangeably.